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The 'real' house with the golden door

A glimpse at the real villas of Pompeii which inspired The House with the Golden Door...

Waterstone's Book of the Month!

The Wolf Den has been chosen as Waterstone's fiction book of the month for September.

Pompeii's Lupanar today

The Lupanar where the Wolf Den is set, is a real place. Once the town brothel, today it is the site's most popular tourist attraction.

The Wolf Den on display

A big thank you to booksellers who are supporting The Wolf Den in publication week...

Pompeii mosaics: Beware of the Dog!

One of the most distinctive features of Pompeii are the dog mosaics, greeting visitors on the doorstep...

Venus in Pompeii

Venus, goddess of Love was the guardian deity of Pompeii, playing a sometimes surprising part in the lives of the town's citizens...

Pompeii street scenes

Street scenes from Pompeii, from fast food bars to tavern life....

Pompeii’s real life heroines: Julia Felix

Archeologist and expert on Pompeii Dr Sophie Hay talks about one of the town's real life Roman heroines: Julia Felix

Recommended reads on Pompeii

The books that helped bring Pompeii to life for me - and might for you...

Pompeii blog: Blog2
Pompeii blog: Pro Gallery
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