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Waterstone's Book of the Month!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The Wolf Den is Waterstone's fiction book of the month for September!

I have been completely blown away by Waterstone's support - The Wolf Den being chosen as book of the month is an honour beyond my wildest dreams. Every writer worries about whether anyone will like - or read - their book, and it is difficult to explain quite how much this means to me.

It is a particularly amazing experience to see how individual booksellers have chosen to celebrate my book - and this is what I wanted to share here. Emma from Telford actually MADE a bust of Amara, to go with her stunning display.

Waterstones have supported The Wolf Den from the very beginning by printing their own exclusive edition of the hardback. The paperback is also exclusive, including a couple of chapters from the sequel, The House with the Golden Door. Lovely Dan Bassett from Cribbs Causeway has been shouting about it on social media.

The display at Newcastle looks spectacular - I absolutely love all the statues. Many thanks to Luke for putting it together!

Waterstones in Kendal created this beautiful window display - putting The Wolf Den in some amazing company!

Cody and her team at Liverpool One were incredibly supportive of The Wolf Den in hardback and its so exciting to see the paperback here too!

The displays at Waterstones Piccadilly - both inside and in the window - look incredible!

My friend Clare Riley Whitfield - author of the wonderful People of Abandoned Character - sent me this photo of the window in Bath. It's particularly thrilling to see my book celebrated here, with the Roman baths just around the corner!

Colin in Portsmouth put together this truly beautiful display. I absolutely love the red flowers, Roman roundels and cut outs of the characters from my book.

Hannah, the bookseller at the Lowestoft branch, put together this table and window display. I love the beautiful illustration she found!

I am very much looking forward to doing an event with Dr Amy Crawford at Waterstones Cambridge (Sept 10th 6pm, if you want to join!) and the window is stunning.

Thank you to EVERYONE at Waterstones for the support! I will keep updating this blog and try to include images I see on social media, or any photos people send me!

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