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From podcasts, to radio interviews to in depth features, everything you need to know about the world of The Wolf Den is here...

Press: Press

BBC Radio 4

Kirsty Lang interviews Elodie about The Wolf Den on BBC Radio 4's Front Row. Interview starts 21 minutes into the show.

Let's Talk About Myths Baby

Liv Albert, presenter of the popular mythology podcast, talks to Elodie about the lupanar and the world of the She-Wolves.

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The Telegraph

Elodie writes in The Telegraph about the erotic art of Pompeii and the inspiration behind her book.

Reimagining the women of the ancient world

Elodie writes in Readers Digest about the current vogue for female centred myths and stories from the ancient world.


The writing on the walls

Elodie writes for Aspects of History magazine about the remarkable graffiti of Pompeii

Exploress Podcast

Kate Armstrong, presenter of The Exploress podcast, talks to Elodie about writing the women of Pompeii


Bookseller Crow on the Box

Journalist Sarah Shaffi interviews Elodie and Caroline Lea, author of The Metal Heart, about writing historical fiction.

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